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3 Traits of a Good Business Coach and Financial Controller

Many people view accountants as “numbers people.” It’s true we can crunch the numbers on spreadsheets as well as as anyone.

You won’t have to worry about errors that sometimes occur when your in-house bookkeeper is also your in-house administrative assistant, receptionist, and travel agent… and the one who makes the coffee every morning. Overworked employees get careless, not because they don’t care about doing a good job, but because they are pulled in 20 different directions every minute, and mistakes can happen.

But a virtual bookkeeper and part-time financial controller through TCG offers much more than just accurate bookkeeping. We see the stories the numbers tell, and can guide you to the right business decisions to increase profitability and growth. Here are three traits our bookkeepers, CPAs and financial controllers share. We’re not saying you have to choose TCG for your virtual bookkeeping needs, but any part-time CFO or bookkeeper you choose should have these traits to provide the best financial services for your company.

1 – In-depth knowledge of GAAP accounting methods. – The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles are the U.S. standards for accounting and bookkeeping. Bookkeepers and financial controllers must know, and use, these standards. They offer consistency, and can help your company in a number of ways if you’re seeking investment capital, bank loans or ay other cash infusion.

2 – A trustworthy, ethical character – It should go without saying, but most company fraud is committed by in-house bookkeeping staff. Often, these are the employees with the motivation, the needs and the means to commit fraud. We run extensive background checks on all our virtual bookkeepers. Because your bookkeeper does not work in your office, she has less opportunity, and less motivation, to steal.

3 – The ability to see, and communicate, the stories behind the numbers – Accurate financial bookkeeping is one thing. Understanding those figures, and seeing the stories behind the figures, in order to create relevant financial forecasting reports and help business owners make the best decisions for their company, is another skill and talent all together. At TCG, we have decades of experience in financial accounting and financial controllership, and in helping business owners accurately analyze financial data to make the right decisions in any economy.

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